The Townsville Pet Care Centre has excellent short and long term accommodation for dogs at very affordable rates.


Our Kennels - We have a modern kennel complex nestled in an oasis of tropical vegetation. Due to the high ceiling design, natural shading and frequent afternoon sea breezes your dogs are assured of being nice and cool even on the hottest days. The kennels feature cement floors and are large and well aired.


Hygiene - The kennels and kitchen area is hosed, scrubbed and disinfected every day to ensure strict hygiene is maintained. All Dogs must have current vaccination certificates and tick protection before they are accepted into our kennels.

Exercise - All dogs are exercised twice daily in our spacious lawn exercise areas.



Bedding - All Kennels have beds supplied.

Entertainment - Music is played continuously in the kennels. There are plenty of toys available or owners can bring their own if they choose. The dogs receive plenty of attention from our staff during feed and exercise times and while we're working in the garden. But most exciting is the opportunity to get to know all their new friends and sniff round the yards!

Pick up and Delivery - The Townsville Pet Care Centre offers a pick up and delivery service, 7 days a week, for a very reasonable fee. If you're too busy to drop off or pick up your dogs no problem - we'll do it for you.

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