Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your rates?

A. Rates start from $14 per dog, per day and $10 per cat per day. During School Holidays and Easter rates are $16 per day for small dogs and $18 per day for medium/big dogs and $12 per day for cats. Our rates for 2010/2011 Christmas Holidays are not yet set.

Q. How are your rates calculated.

A. The Kennel Industry works the same as Motels and Hotels, i.e we charge on a daily basis and our check-out time is 10:00am. So if you pick your pet up before 10:00am we don't charge for that day, after 10:00am we do.

Q. Do you have a weekly rate?

A. No but we do have a monthly rate ($11 per day, per dog, $8 per day per cat). Please note that the monthly rate only applies after the first month. Monthly rates do not apply during holidays.

Q. Do you do day boarding?

A. Yes. For $10 per day you can leave your pet with us before work and pick it up after.

Q. How do we get to The Townsville Pet Care Centre?

A. The Bruce Highway intersects with Hunter Street about 4km south of the Townsville City limits. From the Bruce Highway turn into Hunter St. When you get to the end of Hunter St (which contains the XSTRATA Copper Refinery) turn left into Southwood Rd at the T-Intersection. We are located at 156 Southwood Rd, about 0.5 kilometres past the Hunter St Intersection. 

Alternatively from the Flinders Highway you can turn directly onto Southwood Rd near the southern edge of the City Limits.

The distance from the City Centre is only 13km and from the Airport 18km.


Q. How does your pick up and delivery service work? 

A. Simply arrange a time for the pickup and/or delivery you need when you book the accommodation and we will transport your pet(s) to and from our kennels. The fee charged depends on what suburb you live in, please ask for a quote. Your pet(s) will be transported in our Air Conditoned Van.

Q. We are moving to/from Townsville, do you provide Pet Transportation?

A. Yes. The Towsnville Pet Care Centre offers a full range of Domestic & International Pet Transportation services. We can ship your pet from anywhere in Australia to/from Townsville. We also import and export pets to/from other countries. If your relocation costs are being paid by your employer we can provide a single invoice which covers your transportation and boarding fees making it easy for staff to be reimbursed by their employers. For more information about our Pet Transportation services please refer to the Petflyers website, Petflyers is fully owned and operated by the Townsville Pet Care Centre and our call centre is located right here in Townsville. You can call Petflyers on 1800 PET FLY (1800 738 359).

Q. Does our pet have to be vaccinated?

A. Definitely. We sight the vaccination certificates of all pets before they are accepted. If you have left your vaccination certificate at home we may be able to phone your vet and get verification over the phone. Fees apply to STD calls. However if we cannot contact your vet to obtain verification we will not accept your pet. For customers transporting their pets to us from other areas they can fax the vaccination papers to 07 4729 1390.

Q. What type of vaccination does my pet need?

A. C5 for dogs and F3 for cats.

Q. My dog doesn't have ticks so why do I need tick protection?

A. Ticks are endemic throughout Australia and especially in North Queensland. Sometimes dogs are carrying ticks or tick eggs without their owner realising. We cannot afford any dogs coming in with ticks and we certainly don't want your dogs going home with ticks. The only way to ensure our kennels, and your dogs, are free of these parasites is to insist every dog has tick protection prior to coming in.

Q. What type of tick protection must we have? 

A. The Townsville Pet Care Centre recommends Advantix. Other acceptable products include Kiltix Tick Collars and Frontline. And don't forget the Townsville Pet Care Centre sells all common tick and flea products at the cheapest prices in town and provides free home delivery within the City Limits!

Q. My Pet doesn't have fleas so why do I need flea protection?

A. See answer for Tick Protection. 

Q. What type of flea protection must we have? 

A. The Townsville Pet Care Centre recommends Advantage. Other acceptable products include Advantix, Advocate, Sentinnel, Revolution, Capstar and Frontline. 

Q. Will our dog(s) be sharing with other dogs? 

A. For safety reasons we normally keep dogs from different families separate. Occasionally during peak times such as Christmas and Easter it is necessary for dogs to share for short periods. In this case we carefully select (desexed) dogs with friendly dispositions and similar sizes then monitor their interaction closely.

Q. Will our cat(s) be sharing with other cats? 

A. Whenever possible your Cats are given their own individual Unit. Occasionally during peak times compatible Cats share a unit.

Q. Can you give our pet it's medications?

A. Yes we give medications as instructed by the owner. A small fee may be charged if treatment is needed frequently, eg Diabetes vaccinations.

Q. Can I bring bedding for my dog?

A. All our kennels already have beds. However you are welcome to bring your pet's favourite bedding if you wish. The only exception is beds or toys which contain plastic beans, eg bean bags.

Q. My pet hasn't been boarded before, will it be ok?

A. We find that virtually all pets soon relax and enjoy their holiday with us. It may take them a few hours to get used to their new surroundings and routine.

Occasionally a pet is initially a bit homesick so we make sure it gets extra cuddles. Small dogs are housed in a separate building so they are not intimidated by larger dogs.

Q. What type of food will my dog get?

A. Our standard fare is dog biscuits for medium and large dogs and Scotties Premium Rolls for small dogs. We sell a full range of Premium Biscuits so if your dog eats a premium biscuit we can sell you a bag and feed it this. You may also bring your pet's your own food. However we do not give any discount as the savings in supplying food are negated by the extra time taken to cater for special diets.

Q. What type of food will my cat get?

A. Our standard fare is Science Diet biscuits and Whiskers canned food. 

Q. Can I have my dog washed? 

A. Yes. If your dog is staying less than 2 weeks we charge $10 for a hydrobath. For dogs staying more than 2 weeks we will give your dog a complimentary hydrobath. If you are coming home early please let us know so we can wash your dog in advance.

Q. Can I have my dog clipped?

A. Yes. We offer a basic clip for $50. Should you require more advanced grooming, (eg thinning, styling etc) we recommend you contact a professional groomer.

Q. What happens if my pet gets sick or injured?

A. We will contact you immediately (assuming you are contactable) to discuss the problem. If necessary the pet will be taken to the Vet (at the Owner's expense).

Q. Can we visit our pet?

A. We allow one visit per week. However no visits are permitted between December 20th and January 5th or during Easter. If you collect your pet for a day out you must settle your account first.

Q. Can we inspect the boarding facilities?

A. We encourage Customers to inspect our facilities prior to booking. However customers are not permitted to bring their dog(s) into the kennel area or enter the kennel area when collecting their dog(s).

Q. Is the kennel area secure?

A. Dogs are prevented from escaping or entering adjoining kennels and exercise yards by a combination of mesh fencing and concrete trenches under the fencing. The cement prevents dogs digging their way out. Our external fences are "cranked" (slanted inwards at the top) to prevent dogs from climbing out. Please tell us if your dog is a climber as we have special kennels for those K9's with monkey instincts!

Q. Do you board Birds?

A. Yes our rate is $8/cage per day. For Birds owners need to supply a cage and the bird's food.

Q. Do you board other animals (Snakes, Lizards, Guinea Pigs, Pigs etc)?

A. No

Q. What hours are you open?

A. We are open from 6:30am to 10:00am and from 4:30pm to 6:00pm 361 days a year. We are closed to the public on New Years Day, Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Q. How can we settle our account?

A. Cash, Savings or Credit Card. A 2% surcharge is added to credit card payments.

Q. When do we pay our account?

A. Owners boarding their pets on a long term basis must settle their account every 2 weeks. Shorter stays are usually paid for when the pet(s) are collected. However we do reserve the right to ask for payment in advance. No pets are released until the account is settled in full. You may be asked to pay a $100 deposit to secure your Pet's booking during busy times.  Deposits are non refundable in the event you cancel  your booking.


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